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Apr 18, 2022 - May 31, 2022

God is good

  • 44Days
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To register: At the prayer environment, the goodness of God is our foundation. We believe that God alone is truly good and he is a good Father who always means well to us. In His goodness, God desires to give us answers to the questions we have, and solutions to the problems we encounter. He wants no area of our lives to escape his goodness. No matter what situation we face, the problem is never with God, rather He is the Solution.​ What we believe about God determines how we interact with Him and how we represent Him. We often start from our experiences or our partial interpretation of the Bible to create beliefs about God. We allow wounds and negative experiences with our earthly father to shape our beliefs about our heavenly Father...all of which influence our conception of God and affect our ability to represent Jesus to the world and to be effective in prayer. . In the Garden of Eden, Satan convinced Eve that God wasn't really good, and he still uses that lie today. A revelation of God's goodness leads to transformative repentance that profoundly influences how we pray. All aspects of our life will be positively impacted if we are truly convinced that God is good.




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