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An environment conducive to awakening

They were daily together assiduous in the temple, they broke bread in the houses, and took their food with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and finding favor with all the people. And the Lord added daily to the Church those who were being saved. (Acts 2:46-47)


Establish and maintain an environment of  prayer that promotes revival in our personal lives and in our nation.

About the Prayer Environment

To the prayer environment,  God's goodness is our foundation .

We believe that only God is truly good and it is impossible to overstate his goodness.

Yes God is a good Father who is always well intentioned towards us.


In His goodness, God desires to give us answers to the questions we have, and solutions to the problems we encounter. Indeed, He wishes that no area of our life escapes His goodness. No matter what situation we face, the problem is never with God, rather He is the Solution.

We believe that in His goodness, God desires to heal people who are sick physically, emotionally,  psychological, relational, affective, financial, etc. Yes,  God wants us to be prosperous in every way. He is the God of hope who longs to fill our hearts  of peace and joy, in all circumstances. Jesus desires to pour into us His joy, His love and His peace which surpasses  all intelligence.  

Jesus Christ  is also called the Prince of Peace.

The peace that Jesus gives is a weapon of war that is more powerful than stress, depression, grief, pain, fear, failure, rejection, shame, hatred, etc. reunited.  

In his goodness, God stands with those who have the heart  broken and beaten down. He is the father of orphans and the protector of the widow.  In His goodness, God desires to provide ingenious ideas for better management of our time, our relationships, our businesses and our governments. Yes, every perfect gift and every excellent gift comes to us from the Father of lights .  

We pray because we believe in the goodness of God and because we know that God answers prayers. We pray because we believe that in His goodness, God desires to restore our lives to the glory He originally intended.  by creating us.  Yes, He desires to restore broken couples, families and relationships. We pray because we know that God is very interested in what is happening in our lives, our environment, our society, our country and in the world. We pray to join in what God is already doing,  because we know He's already working.  

We pray that God will transform our way of thinking in order to  see things like Jesus said, " All power has been given to me in the  heaven and on earth.  Now Go!... "  

We pray because we believe that our prayers are powerful and effective in bringing about the Reign of God in the different areas of our lives and our society.

Jesus is also Emmanuel, God with us.

For our own good, God desires our relationship with Him to be restored. God's plans for us are plans for peace and not for evil because Jesus  has a future full of hope for us. Yes, God is truly with us and not against us .

Let him who draws near  of God, believes that God exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.

So let's all be reconciled to God!



 Angelin Kouadio & his wife Rachelle Ouédraogo started the Ministry of the Environment of Prayer in 2014,  within their  local church, Abundant Life Church in Quebec (Canada). Over  months, the vision  refined and allowed to see transformed lives and people  become more passionate about Jesus.   


At the start of 2018, they  have been keen to make all the activities and services of this ministry  of intercession available  outside the walls of their local church. The aim is to benefit all  the Community of those who believe in Jesus Christ, and of those who are about to accept him as Savior and Lord of their lives.  

Around them gravitate a team of leaders passionate about Jesus Christ.

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